Maternity | Chelsea and Kyle

Goodness gracious is this child gonna have the most rad parents ever.

I mean just look at these two. Kids starting off with the gorgeous genes for sure.

Taking these photos has really made it sink in that my friends my age are up and gettin’ married and havin’ babies. And that’s pretty much the coolest thing. Slightly terrifying (think: I could have a child right now, and some nights all I manage for dinner is chips and guac), but pretty stinkin’ awesome all around. I get to watch them grow and go through all these life milestones and that’s a pretty spiffy gift if ya ask me.

I’m so darn excited for this cutie pie of an almost-dad and absolutely stunning mama-to-be! Little baby Rhett is gonna be here before we all know it!



















Engagement | Sam and Jenn

Gazebos and greenhouses and balloons, OH MY!

First things first Sam and Jenn are the best. They’re fun. They’re adventurous. And they get the cutest so-happy-i-cant-stop-grinning looks on their faces every single time they look at each other. Love exudes from them.

Which of course, I love.

Plus it makes my job easy peasy lemon squeezey.

The sweetest folks at Salem Riverfront Carousel let us in to take some pictures before they opened for the day. They were all prepped for a whole slew of birthday parties so we tried to get all the birthday hats off for the pictures but we missed a few.

I’ll blame the fact that their love is so blindingly beautiful the hats just didn’t show up anymore.

Then we headed over to Bush’s Pasture Park and let me tell you this was probably the best decision. Greenhouse. Gazebo. Balloons. It was all the best kind of magic.

Now for their colorful, fanciful, game-filled, shows-their-personalities-in-all-the-best-ways wedding. Dunno ’bout you but I can’t hardly wait.

SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-1 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-2 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-3 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-4 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-5 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-6 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-7 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-8 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-9 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-10 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-11 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-12 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-13 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-14 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-15 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-16 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-17 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-20 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-21 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-18 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-19

Senior | Jazmin

Shooting with Jazmin was so. dang. fun.

The sun was up and shining warm (finally!) so of course we had to have a nice ol’ adventure for these pictures! Cue the windows-down music-up drive to this abandoned barn I’ve always secretly got my eye on and swimming through waist (and shoulder!) high grass AND fighting thorn by thorn through some blackberries.

My kinda gal.

Jazmin is a blast. She’s classy and sassy and not at all afraid of being her genuine self. And I mean seriously, check out that bright smile and ‘power do’ hair. This girl shines.

JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-1 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-2 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-3 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-4 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-5 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-6 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-7 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-8 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-9 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-10 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-11 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-12 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-13 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-14 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-15 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-16 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-17 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-18 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-19 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-20 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-21 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-22 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-23 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-24 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-25 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-26 JazminOSUSeniorPhotosBlogWatermark-27

Jazmin, I had so much fun hanging out with you and shooting your grad photos! Congrats on your undergrad degree and best of luck at grad school! You’re gonna make a great vet!


Senior Session | Aidan

I first met Aidan a few years ago out country western dancing, and I was so thrilled when he asked me to take his senior photos! He’s a music major and has his own band with few of his friends, so of course we had to shoot in one of the main OSU rehearsal rooms in the music building. Get that guitar in on the photoshoot too! The rain (oh, Oregon) postponed our outside shooting but we got that warm sun to come out on the second go round.

Congrats on graduating Aidan! Best of luck to you out here in the post-college world! M15B1388 M15B1423 M15B1444 M15B1464 M15B1466 M15B1485 M15B1535 M15B1655 M15B1710 M15B1718 M15B1745 M15B1766 M15B1803 M15B1812 M15B1848 M15B1889 M15B1906 M15B1932

One Year | Presley

Happy Birthday to the one-year-old with the cutest little nose-crinkling grin, beautiful big eyes, and wobbly little legs! Presley and her silly big bro are quite the duo (seriously guys, he’s the goofy and she’s the giggle) and their parents are awesome to boot! I had a blast at this session even with the little bit of cranky in the birthday girl – balloons and boots oh my! M15B9003 M15B8766 M15B8925 M15B8891 M15B8871 M15B8834M15B8838M15B8850 M15B8808 M15B8747 M15B8732M15B8945M15B8958

Couples Session | Jessie and Nick

Shooting these images was an incredible time. It was cold, it was wet but we’re in western Oregon so its all in a February day! I loved being able to take you around such an awesome place, capturing this love and trying new things (clear umbrellas are my new favorite thing). Their love is so giggly and silly and strong and just downright adorable I couldn’t help but smile watching them be together without any distractions.

Jessie and Nick, I’m so glad we’re friends!

Spittin’ rain, bone-chilling cold, ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ your love!

M15B8390 M15B8391 M15B8403 M15B8422M15B8432M15B8427 M15B8435 M15B8439 M15B8495 M15B8497 M15B8501 M15B8506 M15B8513 M15B8516 M15B8525 M15B8529 M15B8560 M15B8579 M15B8587 M15B8601 M15B8639

Mini Senior Session | Aundriea

When this lovely lady texted me and asked if I’d want to take some senior pictures for her grad announcements with the piglets at OSU I near about fell over from joy. Talk about the ultimate photoshoot, I mean… PIGLETS!  I was straight up STOKED.  Baby farm animals plus portraits, like hello perfect! We picked a day and met at the barn where piglet squeals and laughs and straight-up joy ensued.

M15B7868 M15B7882M15B7960M15B7871M15B7879M15B7992M15B8007M15B7888M15B7890

Thanks for asking me to take your pictures Aundriea!

Couples Session | The Ayers

These two are like serious couple goals. No joke. They have that silly, laugh-until-you-snort, look at each other with heart eyes, cheesy kind of love that gives me the warm fuzzies. They won my photoshoot giveway all the way back in September (feels like that was years ago!) but I’m so glad we waited until these trees were turning to shoot! And we got a sunny day to boot!

ayersblog-1 ayersblog-2 ayersblog-3 ayersblog-4 ayersblog-5 ayersblog-6 ayersblog-7 ayersblog-8 ayersblog-9 ayersblog-10 ayersblog-11 ayersblog-12 ayersblog-13 ayersblog-14 ayersblog-15 ayersblog-16 ayersblog-17 ayersblog-18

Family Session | Frost Family

Troopers. Like seriously these guys are troopers. They drove in to meet me at what ended up being the muddies bottom of a not-so-muddy hill (my fault). So we slid and we gooped and we made it through the squishy squooshy mud and started up the one closed trail because it was so not muddy and so not eroded like the sign said. They’re rebels too. So up the mini-mountain we went, re-naming it Bear Mountain (idea courtesy of the littles) and being generally silly because silly is fun and makes smiles and good memories.

Frost family, I loved spending time with you, getting to play and chat and keep nap-less littles from having meltdowns. I hope these photos captured memories for your family that will last for years to come!

frostfamilyblog-1 frostfamilyblog-2 frostfamilyblog-3 frostfamilyblog-4 frostfamilyblog-6 frostfamilyblog-7 frostfamilyblog-8 frostfamilyblog-9 frostfamilyblog-10 frostfamilyblog-11 frostfamilyblog-12 frostfamilyblog-13 frostfamilyblog-14 frostfamilyblog-15 frostfamilyblog-16 frostfamilyblog-17 frostfamilyblog-18 frostfamilyblog-19 frostfamilyblog-20 frostfamilyblog-21 frostfamilyblog-22 frostfamilyblog-24 frostfamilyblog-25 frostfamilyblog-26 frostfamilyblog-27 frostfamilyblog-28 frostfamilyblog-29 frostfamilyblog-33

Engagement Session | Lindy and Austin

These two.

They’re the cutest.

We got the perfect fall day for our engagement session. Leaves everywhere!!! I’d totally been obsessing over the whole fall leaves engagement session idea and this session totally fulfilled all my crisp crunchy colorful hopes and dreams. Congratulations Lindy and Austin, I hope these photos do justice to the sweet love between the two of you!

lindyandaustinengagement-1lindyandaustinengagement-1-12lindyandaustinengagement-1-2lindyandaustinengagement-1-13 lindyandaustinengagement-1-4 lindyandaustinengagement-1-5lindyandaustinengagement-1-9 lindyandaustinengagement-1-6lindyandaustinengagement-1-15 lindyandaustinengagement-1-7 lindyandaustinengagement-1-16lindyandaustinengagement-1-8lindyandaustinengagement-1-10 lindyandaustinengagement-1-11