I’m Heather, a lover of light, wide open spaces, and the sweet smell of summertime hay at midnight.

My fingers itch for the shutter button, my eyes wander for the extraordinary ordinary.

I love to capture, to record, to document.

When I stand under big skies and see creation all around me my heart rejoices and I feel alive.

I love to communicate.

Dusk and dawn are my favorite times of day.

The smell of manure has never bothered me.

I long to have a little flock of chickens, and a Jersey cow named Bessie.

In summer I flourish amid the cacophonous melody of summer bugs, in fall my joys abound in the crisp air, in winter I ponder over warm drinks and moody words, and in spring I retreat back to hope, faith and daydreams in the warming air.


Whistling Dixie Photography is my heart and soul, my creative energy, my joy.

I love preserving moments and memories for everyone I meet, so let’s get together and make something beautiful!

Email me at heatherrrr.marie@gmail.com or message me on Facebook for inquiries and pricing.

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  1. Hey Heather! Just had a minute to browse through your blog site and see some of your work. It was great to see someone excited about photography again! I spent many hours doing that for myself and others in Flagstaff, and now here it’s been a bit of a dry spell in that regard. So, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about photography and real film! I very much enjoyed it. Hope you have a great week and midterms go well!!

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