Troopers. Like seriously these guys are troopers. They drove in to meet me at what ended up being the muddies bottom of a not-so-muddy hill (my fault). So we slid and we gooped and we made it through the squishy squooshy mud and started up the one closed trail because it was so not muddy and so not eroded like the sign said. They’re rebels too. So up the mini-mountain we went, re-naming it Bear Mountain (idea courtesy of the littles) and being generally silly because silly is fun and makes smiles and good memories.

Frost family, I loved spending time with you, getting to play and chat and keep nap-less littles from having meltdowns. I hope these photos captured memories for your family that will last for years to come!

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  1. Crystal Frost

    We couldn’t be any happier with our family photos, Heather!! We have gotten so many compliments and cherish the images that you professionally captured of our fun little family. You really do have a knack with working with kids and making the most out of a muddy meltdown situation! 🙂 Can’t wait for next year’s photos! Thanks again!

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